Saturday, February 16, 2013

Silly Pics and Milo the Dog

 For a little while, our camera was nowhere to be found. Searches were conducted and prayers were said. Finally, thanks to Mom's advice, I said a prayer and just let it go. Later that day Mira found the camera. I had previously been so concerned about it. Our trip to Disneyland was upcoming and I worried we wouldn't have it by then. When I looked through the last images on the camera, I discovered who the culprit was. Mira. And guess where it was found? By Mira under her bed. She'd completely forgotten she'd had it and left it there.

 Our six year old has been begging for a dog. The thought of it made me tense. But, with the intention of quelling that desire, I thought we might "borrow" a friend's dog for a little while to show Mira how much work they can be.
 Suzanne Taylor, who cuts my hair, has a sweet little Spaniel, Milo. Her family graciously lent us Milo. And we love him!
 I cannot believe it, but even Chad says he wouldn't mind having a dog like Milo. So I'm doing my homework as far as the right dog for our family, training, etc. April may be the month for us...

Ella's Baptism

 Our special girl was baptized on 2 February 2013. She wore a beautiful dress (headband and shoes), a gift from her Grandma Miller. She wore a pretty necklace and bracelet from her Grandma Barnett.
 Our mantel there were some special mementos: her blessing dress, pictures of her through younger years. 
 Grandma and Grandpa Barnett with Ella:
 with Aunt Amber:
 Very happy with out girl:
 Mira knew what a special day this was for her sister.

 Aw, Dad.


 Grandma Miller gave a talk on baptism, and I gave a talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost. Colin played the piano the whole time, with Grandma Barnett leading the music.
 Our little family:
 The day was made even more special because Cousin Michael came to support her. It meant a lot to us. Ella had also invited some of her primary classmates, along with a few school friends. I was grateful to see the seats filled. It sure feels good to have love.
 Ella was baptized by her dad, which was special. Dad tries so hard to be a good dad, teach our family, and be sure we have everything we need. Not to mention all the fun things he likes to do with us. He really tries to be a righteous priesthood holder.
 After the baptism we came back for a luncheon. Many of Ella's friends had given her sweet little gifts. She felt very special.
 Enjoying some food...

About Ella:
1. She loves to draw and be creative. For her birthday, we gave her a few different crafty items. Her favorite out of the bunch was a canvas with acrylic paints. She really wanted to get to that project. We had to wait for it to warm up just a little. When she finally got the chance, she (and Mira) headed out into the garage with paint shirt, drop cloth, and an idea. She loves her painting. She has got a talent
2. Ella doesn't mind playing alone. Often I will find her bedroom door closed (after she calls out, "I am playing and don't want to be disturbed!"). She relishes that time she gets all to herself to imagine and play.
3. She is capable of going downstairs to the piano and practicing what Mrs. Mathews has assigned to her. When I remind her it's time to practice, she's on top of it.
4. French is coming right along. Her teacher, Mme Vanier, says that Ella is performing well in French class. She will try to create sentences by putting together words she knows in order to communicate.
5. At this time, Ella participates in soccer and basketball. Chad coached her basketball team.
6. The American Girl books are a favorite right now. We started with "Meet Kaya," but are now really into Felicity, the colonial girl. We read a chapter each night before bed, and Ella loves it.
7. Ella's four upper teeth are being replaced by adult teeth, which always makes kids look older. She has a lovely smile and the most beautiful dimple on her right cheek when she does smile.
8. The long hair can be lovely. Many mornings, however, it is the cause of much grief with the tangles that have to be brushed through. Most school mornings she opts for a simple headband.
9. The favorite friends this 2nd grade year are Ryann Pace and Abby Anderson. They spend recesses together, doing gymnastics and planning after school activities together. Only because of distance do they not get together as often as they'd like.
10. Some of Ella's favorite foods are hot chocolate, dry cereal, and spaghetti.
Ella is our tenderhearted sweetie.

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Miller's

 Christmas Day we headed over to Mom and Dad's house. We ate a delicious meal and then got right to the important stuff. Ella was happy about her Lego Friends set.
 Colin's favorite gift out of everything this year was his rc helicopter. Much time has been devoted to perfecting his flying technique. He's pretty good now. After one try I realized how hard it is to control!
 Micah got a Wii game.
 And Mira was stoked about her Fantastic Gymnastics Dora. Perfect since she loves tumbling!
 Matthew got some cool trucks and a fun fire engine which he plays with a lot.
 We all got a kick out of the warning label on Colin's helicopter "If blade damage, don't be fly, otherwise it will create the human body or blame damage." What?!
 The crew!
 And Matthew is fascinated by the Christmas train.
Here was a game of Pictionary with our new white board and markers. The kids love this game.

Christmas at Home

 It's February, and I'm only now posting this. We've purchased a new computer (Merry Christmas to us), but it all takes time to get used to. So finally I'm getting around to catching up on all these posts. Micah's big gift this year was a Lord of the Rings Lego set and an iPod Shuffle.
 Ella got a Harry Potter Lego set (which was subsequently put together with the help of Dad, then smashed by the two year-old. It now sits, broken apart, in the box in her closet).
 Mira got a couple of new Leap Frog games (one of which is now lost).
 Colin got Minecraft for the computer. (Micah's favorite gift for his use.)
 Matthew got a fun Fisher Price Loop-the-Loop car track and the books, "Blueberries for Sal" and "The Little Engine That Could". He loves these.
The kids had bought gifts for one another. I love this tradition. They get very excited to pick things out for each other, and look forward to seeing what others bought for them. They are also mindful of how much things cost. It's good all around.