Saturday, February 16, 2013

Silly Pics and Milo the Dog

 For a little while, our camera was nowhere to be found. Searches were conducted and prayers were said. Finally, thanks to Mom's advice, I said a prayer and just let it go. Later that day Mira found the camera. I had previously been so concerned about it. Our trip to Disneyland was upcoming and I worried we wouldn't have it by then. When I looked through the last images on the camera, I discovered who the culprit was. Mira. And guess where it was found? By Mira under her bed. She'd completely forgotten she'd had it and left it there.

 Our six year old has been begging for a dog. The thought of it made me tense. But, with the intention of quelling that desire, I thought we might "borrow" a friend's dog for a little while to show Mira how much work they can be.
 Suzanne Taylor, who cuts my hair, has a sweet little Spaniel, Milo. Her family graciously lent us Milo. And we love him!
 I cannot believe it, but even Chad says he wouldn't mind having a dog like Milo. So I'm doing my homework as far as the right dog for our family, training, etc. April may be the month for us...

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Marsha said...

It was fun to go through the updates on your blog. I can't believe I missed so many. That is one cute dog...maybe you should have picked a less lovable dog to practice with.