Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trip to California-Yucaipa

Well, the ten-plus hour drive to California was filled with movies, movies, movies. And one nap for Matthew.
 We stayed with a gracious cousin, Michaeline Rentz, who shared her beautiful home and took great care of us. The kids got attached to her dogs, Lolly and Sammy. Saturday we met Melissa and Adam Durham and two of their children, Amelia and Curtis. We headed over to Oceanside Pier. The water was freezing, but it didn't stop the kids from splashing around in it. We played in the sand and dug holes. We all walked down the pier where Adam and Curtis were trying some fishing. Curtis even caught one and cooked it for his dinner that night.

 Melissa shooting some pics.
 Colin playing catch with Dad.

 Amelia wanted to be buried in the sand.
 Our family on the pier.
 Beautiful Cousin Amelia.
 Aunt Geri and me (funky pose)
 Amelia, Aunt Geri, Ella, Micah
 Chad and Matthew
 Too cool Colin

iPad Pics

Someone got their hands on the iPad! (The culprit is almost always Mira.)

We get some kicks looking back at these.

Micah's 10th Birthday

Micah was really looking forward to a birthday party. I attempted to sway him toward a "pick a couple of friends to do something cool with" kind of a birthday celebration, but he had his heart set on a real party. And when he decided on having a Minecraft-themed party, life was complete.
 Here is Micah with his friends. I cannot remember the above friend's name, but below is Strider Fontaine.
 Another school friend.
 Jackson Pearce
 Ethan Rugg
 The Calloway twins, Jonah and Garrett
 His best bud, Caleb Anglin
 Conner Harris
 Orion Badger
 Jason Davies, whom Micah hardly ever sees anymore, but thinks of as one of his best friends. They now go to different schools and Micah misses their friendship.
 Kobe Anderson
 The day of his birthday, Micah woke to streamers and a table decorated with confetti and presents
 He hopped out of bed happily for this! He's really wanted a Nerf gun, extra bullets, and a Hobbit Lego set.
 Always a sense of excitement on a birthday morning.
 Back to Micah's friend party...we looked and looked for a Minecraft cake that was cool, but wouldn't require hours of labor. We agreed on a Creeper cake. Green frosting and Hershey's bars? I can manage that!
 Micah had a game organized for them in which they "crafted" various Minecraft-type products. Some were more familiar with Minecraft than others, but I think they had a good time. And treats were passed out to everyone. Besides the cake, we made TNT out of red licorice, and slime out of green Jell-O.
 Goofing off before the party gets under way.
 Mom and Dad with the birthday boy!
 Ella wanted to contribute to the party, so she made a Steve and a Creeper, which I hung from the ceiling. I think she felt special that they were displayed.

 Mira and one silly dad.
 One game we played that was a hit was "Tape Ball." Very simple. Get a bunch of candy, wrap them up (spaced out) in packing tape, and the kids take turns unwrapping the tape and picking out candy. Easy and fun. And candy!
 Silly girl who got a hold of the camera.

 Micah made a Ghast piƱata for the party. We loaded it with candy and they kids went to town. By the time cake and ice cream came around, I don't think anyone had much of an appetite for it.

About Micah these days (in no particular order):

1. He loves Minecraft on the computer. He will gladly get chores, piano, and homework out of the way without being asked if he knows he gets to play later that day.

2. He is into the Hobbit. With some of his birthday money, he bought a Hobbit poster for his room. He also plans on using his own money to buy the movie.

3. He likes building the Lego sets that he receives as gifts. He has a special spot in his bedroom cabinet where they are all arranged. I don't think he plays with them much, but they do look cool on display. He will occasionally build neat creations with leftover Lego parts.

4. His favorite sport is basketball. He decided to take a pass on soccer this year on just do basketball.

5. His best friend is Caleb Anglin, who lives in our neighborhood. Micah has a lot of fun with him at school and playing at home. They love getting out the Nerf guns, spying on people, and just playing.

6. Micah is a master at changing the subject if he's currently working on something that doesn't particularly interest him at the moment. The other day he came home from piano lesson and said he and Mrs. Mathews hardly got anything done because he'd brought his Minecraft blocks, and he was telling her all about them.

7. He is somewhat of a picky eater. He doesn't like any kind of mac and cheese (especially the boxed kind) and oatmeal.

8. Some of his favorite foods are cinnamon toast, Special K cereal with strawberries, and breakfast burritos. I'll have to ask him what some other favorites are.

9. He is determined to grow out his hair some more. He likes for it to swoop over his forehead. Apparently, there is a boy in school whose hair he admires and would like his to be the same.

10. He will go out into the field behind our house with Colin and sometimes Orion to search for treasures like golf balls, toys, etc. that he could sell.

11. Some mornings he'll wake up before anyone else and just lie in bed and read.

12. When he gets a book he loves, he will devour it.

13. He likes to play with Matthew. When it's time to clean up after dinner, for example, he'll ask to be assigned to play with Matthew to keep him happy. And other times in the day, he'll ask Matthew to follow him places and play with him.

We love our funny, sweet boy.