Sunday, March 17, 2013

February 11th

Matthew is playing basketball in his diaper. He prefers to be lifted up to the hoop to toss in the ball, but I can only handle one time of that, and then he is relegated back to shooting hoops on his toddler-sized basketball stand. And on that he only dunks.
 Colin got to perform at Abravanel Hall with the Jordan Youth Symphony. He got up early to get all spiffed up for the special event. He took the bus and Chad met up with him there.
 He goes to practice every Monday afternoon, along with our neighbor, Allie Franz. He is among the youngest to participate in this symphony. I don't even know if there are other 6th graders. There are four different conductors. They each work with the kids on different pieces. I think the kids get a kick out of their fun personalities and the way they approach the pieces differently. We have to pick him up from school 30 minutes early each Monday so that he can make it in time to practice. I know he is a little disappointed that he misses out on P.E. with the rest of his class. But his teacher, Mrs. Pruyt, totally supports him participating in this.

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