Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hurricane Camping

 I am forced to skip around some in the order of my posts because some pictures are just not showing up. But I'll get back to those. Chad and I decided that, over Easter weekend, we would go to St. George and Zion National Park.
 We stayed in our tent at an RV park in Hurricane, which worked for us. That is, until Matthew put his hand through the railing in the loft and pushed a ceramic piece of artwork off, which then shattered to the ground. We got kicked out on our second-to-last day there and were asked never to return. Boy, was that humiliating. But maybe they've never had a toddler...? Regardless of that, we had a nice time. Played some board games, pool, had an Easter egg hunt, cooked meals on our Coleman stove, and played outside.
 The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was nice to leave behind fickle Salt Lake springtime and go to some beautiful, dependable sunshine!
 We love a good game of Sorry!
 One day we went to Sand Hollow and played at the beach. It was fairly hot, the water was really cold, but we didn't let that stop us. The kids built sand castles, moats, Matthew dug with shovels and pails, we played catch in the water, Monkey in the Middle...lots of fun. Here is Ella, catching some rays.
 Matthew and Mira:
 Micah planted himself at the picnic table and spent a good portion of the time reading. (Was it Tale of Despereaux or Fellowship of the Rings...?)
 Ella, Matthew, Colin, Micah:
 Matthew was not afraid of the cold water. In fact, he'd want to go deeper and I was the one holding back.
 There they go!
 Working on getting the moat just right:

 We got a few new outdoor toys to play with. The big grassy area was put to good use.

 We made ourselves at home. It's amazing to me that we fit everything in our van. There is barely enough room for us by the time we get everything in there.
 Playing catch with Mira:
 Ella working with Matthew:
 Colin and Micah passed off some scout requirements by helping to prepare some of the meals. That Coleman stove we got from Santa was a great gift. It made camping yummy.
 And we can't forget the hot chocolate.
 Directly across from the campground was a huge field and two horses which the kids visited often and fed hay to. Easter eggs were hidden around the field, and the kids had a blast looking for them. Of course, the older ones found the most the fastest. But once they realized Matthew and Mira needed a little assistance, they gladly rehid some of theirs to make it fair.

 Dad helping Matthew:

 Opening Easter baskets. The big deal this year was the movie "The Hobbit."
 Before we dug into Easter baskets that day, we sat down together and read a little from the scriptures. The best part was the each of the kids took turns reading, and then we had an open discussion about the Savior's last days. They are inquisitive and smart. It makes me proud.
 We called this our Easter miracle. Matthew (our super picky eater) really and truly ate part of this breakfast burrito. We were amazed. But that's the only time it's happened since then!

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