Tuesday, April 23, 2013

California Adventure

 This was one of the nicest days. One thing we wanted to be sure we did at California Adventure was Cars Land and the Radiator Springs Car Race. And, apparently, so did everyone else in the park. While we waited for the rope to drop, Chad got in line to get Fast Passes for us all. Radiator Springs was very neat and looks just like in the movie. Above is Matthew, posing with the fire engine.
 Partway through the day we went to the Aladdin show. It was nice to have a seat and enjoy a great production. The genie character, in particular, was quite funny.
 Here we are on the Cars Race. Chad sat up front with the boys while I was in back with the girls. Matthew was hanging out with the family while waiting for us.

 I love this picture. Chad's squinting and my crazy hair! The kids are loving it.
 Grandma and Matthew enjoying an ice cream cone. I was getting warm at this point. Matthew is saying something like, "Yes, this ice cream is good!"

 Lightning McQueen and Mira.
 Our entire group rode the Monsters, Inc. ride.

 Matthew did really well on all the rides he went on. We kept to the tame ones. But even on the more adventurous ones like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, he was great.
 We spotted Pluto heading down the street. He came by us and we all danced down the street. These guys got a cute picture with him. Another day at Disneyland, I had the girls and Matthew when we got to see Tigger. I wish I had that picture, but I only got one of my phone. Matthew was completely excited to be with Tigger. And Tigger really played it up. He was a hoot. We loved it!
 Another parade, this time at California Adventure. Ella had just purchased her Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, seen here--the red with white polka dots. She loves it and wears it nearly every day to school.

 One place I wish we'd had more time to spend was the adventure area. There was some really great nostalgic-sounding children's adventure music playing. And the kids could run around wherever they wanted and do all these cool activities. Next time, we are spending more time here!
Ask Colin was his favorite meal was, and he'll tell you it was when he and Aunt Amber got dinner together. He got some Mexican (a burrito?) which was the yummiest thing ever.

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