Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cove Fort

 On our way back from St. George, we stopped by Cove Fort. We had been there before, several years ago. I don't know that any of the kids remembered it. What a great tour the missionaries there give. And such a neat history. It was interesting learning about President Hinckley's grandfather being called to establish this fort. The rock the got to build it was from an extinct nearby (not that nearby) volcano. Sister Hinckley was in charge of taking in and feeding visitors from the Pony Express other travelers on a daily basis. The telegraph came through here. It's so interesting how the rooms are in the perimeter of this fort. Really neat to look into each one and imagine the work that went into daily survival and everything that went on there.
 The kids loved the little toy they got at the end, the pioneer toy: a wooden wheel you can keep spinning by twisting the string and pulling. Below we are at the top of the fort:

 Looking into one of the rooms: We learned about the song "All around the Mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel..."
 I'd have a lot of difficulty trying to cook on this old stove!
 A very worthwhile spot to visit!

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