Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 We came at a great time of year with the crowds being so low. The forecast changed from hour to hour, but I think the uncertainty kept a lot of people home and allowed us more opportunities.
 We followed RideMax in order to maximize our time at the park. We hit Peter Pan first of all. And good thing, because we were able to get on quickly, and that line gets loooong quickly!
 Matthew loved the carousel. He rode that numerous times. Ella sure looks like she's enjoying it, too.
 Everyone had fun on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Shooting Zorg and all that...fun!
 The line for the rockets was always short. I remember when that ride used to be in a different spot, higher up on a ledge.
 Aunt Amber and Mira partnered up on this ride.
 Cute brothers!
 We stopped for lunch in Tomorrowland for burgers and fries. While there, the Jedi Training Academy began. Last time we were in Disneyland, Colin got to go up. This time, Ella volunteered. Mira could have, but was more interested in watching.

 They put on a great show. The comments made are humorous, and I think everyone gets a kick out of some of the kids' reactions to training and dueling.
 Busy day makes for a sleepyhead.
 Grandma and Grandpa treated the kids to some cotton candy.
 Grandma came with Mira, Matthew, and I into meet Mickey. That was pretty special. The crew makes it so that you feel like you get some nice one-on-one time with him. Matthew was fine standing by Mickey, but was not interested in making physical contact.

 What a grandpa--carrying Ella.
 In line for Space Mountain, one of the older kids' favorite rides. Sure, the boys look completely bored, but it's only because they were so embarrassed I made them pose for a picture in front of all the other people in line. But trust me, they were having a blast!
 We loved the pictures from the rides!
 The parade the first night was the best part of the whole day. We had an awesome vantage point, right by the King and Queen restrooms by the Matterhorn. The music, dancers, and costumes were fantastic. The energy from the show is contagious. One of the best parts was watching Braden, Brody, and Matthew dance to the music. Adorable times ten!
 Happy boy!
 Hunter was such a little trooper. He is at the age where he is not quite walking yet, but he wants to crawl everywhere and get into anything. If you aren't looking, he will go after what he wants. At one point, Blake, Maren, and I were standing around after taking the train in the park. Hunter was just crawling around us and the stroller. A woman walks by and says, "Did you know your baby is sucking on the tire?" We look over, and, sure enough, he is going to town on that tire that has been all over Disneyland. So funny! (And disgusting! But he's healthy.)
 Grandpa having fun watching the grandkids.

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