Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nicole's Birthday, etc.

 I love how happy the kids look for me on my birthday. Each of them had put thought into the cards they made for me. Micah even went out and spent his own money on two nail polishes and a lip gloss he thought I would like. I know he thought long and hard over which colors to get me. He did great, too, because I like them all! And I got a hearty rendition of "Happy Birthday." How could that not put a smile on my face? I have to brag on Micah, now. The night he went birthday shopping for me, he and Chad had plans to go to a Jazz game. At the store, Micah purchased, with his own money, a loaf of bread and a tub of butter. He'd planned ahead and brought a plastic knife, as well. When he and Chad got to Energy Solutions Arena, Micah went up to one of the several people there holding "Homeless" signs, and gave him the bread, butter, and knife. He is one special boy.
 Mom came down and took me shopping at the Quilted Bear. I knew I wanted something for my mantel. We enjoyed walking around the store together. We picked out those adorable birds, the blue shutter, the pillar, and the blue scarf. Love them!
 Since we're feeling a little more warmth outside, the kids love to have a picnic in the backyard. It's hard to imagine next year Mira will be in school all day long. What will Matthew do without her?

 Mira is my constant helper. She does prefer to have things picked up and organized. Countless times I have found her cleaning things without having been asked. Here, she took the initiative to make her bed. I'm not one to insist their beds are made each day. But I sure like it when they are! If I ever need help around the house, she's the first to pitch in happily.

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