Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sea World

We couldn't believe our luck when we got to Sea World. There was such little foot traffic. The weather was so nice. Definitely not hot, but mostly sunny and pleasant. We had not problem getting on any rides we wanted to...as many times as we wanted to! In fact, Aunt Amber and I hung out with Colin and Micah for a while and let ourselves be talked into riding the Manta rollercoaster five times in a row! And motion sickness didn't get to me, yay!

Matthew enjoyed the teacup-like rides. Simple and easy.
Cute girls!
Aren't they cute?
We stopped by where they hold the dolphins to watch some neat tricks.
Ahh, the ride down the rapids. Matthew really wanted to ride this with everyone, and Grandma took him with her. But when they got to the front of the line, they were told he wasn't tall enough. He was upset about that. I tried to make a game out of watching for the rest of the group to come down the rapids in order to distract him.

Here we are, visiting the sting rays. The kids thought it was cool, how slimey they are.

Seeing some of the animals is pretty incredible. They are all so varied, but really made for the climate in which they are born!
Matthew's favorite exhibit at Sea World was all about the penguins. They had many varieties, and he enjoyed that. It's fun to watch those birds dive under the water. They are neat animals.
We took a chance to relax and watch the Shamu show. Ella had gotten pretty wet from the rapids ride, so Mira agreed to let her wear her leggings so Ella could get out of her wet jeans. Thank goodness for layering!
I would love to do San Diego in an entirely separate trip from Disneyland. It was worth going to, but with it being 1 1/2 hours away, it really would make a great trip another time. San Diego is so beautiful, and there is a lot to see and do!

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