Sunday, June 9, 2013

End of School Whatnot

 Micah's 4th grade class prepared a program on Utah counties for parents. Their teacher, Ms. Brown, did a great job teaching them. Each student was assigned a county on which to do a report, float, and tri-fold. I loved going around and seeing the different floats and tri-folds. Micah was assigned Box Elder county, which isn't necessarily the most exciting county to report on. But we did learn some interesting facts about it. The wedding of the rails happened at Promontory Point, which is where the Golden Spike is. The Candy Bomber is from Garland. He dropped candy to the children of Germany during WWII. There is a bird refuge. There was an Indian school in Box Elder. Micah was enthusiastic about his project, and I really did enjoy working on it with him, and learning some things myself!
 The entire 2nd grade at Fox Hollow had a nice program about the United States of America. I think every parent and sibling attended. The gym was packed. They did a really great job. Lots of cute songs and parts were recited. I took Ella (and Matthew) afterward for ice cream, which made them very happy!

 Lots of 6th graders around the area went to Lagoon for D.A.R.E. day. I drove Colin up with his friends Carter Ricks and Matthew Anglin. They met up with a group of other friends and had a total blast. I think they felt pretty awesome, being able to go without chaperones. They are good boys.

 For Memorial Day, we stopped by a new memorial right next to our gym in Kearns. The night before, Ella helped present a Family Home Evening lesson on Memorial Day. We talked about what it is, and read a poem. The kids all decorated construction paper to put up on our front windows to show our loyalty to the U.S. and those who serve our country.

 Mira, Matthew, Colin, Micah, Ella, and Jack

 We then drove to Mountain Green to spend some time with Mom and Dad. We had a little barbeque and played in their beautiful backyard.

 We were hoping to find some good hiking trail in Mountain Green, but didn't come up with anything (maybe they are secret and we have to know the right people?). I told Chad about hiking up to the 'M' in Morgan. He was game. I hadn't been  for a long time, but I knew it was one we could do. It's steep the entire way. Micah and Colin were hiking machines! They kicked it. Chad was with them the whole way, with Matthew on his back. He said that was the hardest workout he'd had in a long time. I brought up the rear (as usual) with the girls. It was hard for them, but they kept at it. They were so proud of themselves when they reached the top.
 Mira's kindergarten class put on an adorable program for us. Their songs and recitations touched on things they'd learned throughout the year.
 Mira had her Synergy tumbling performance. There was one little hiccup during her class when one girl got confused and ran off the mat, huddled up and cried. But they all regrouped and pulled it off brilliantly. She was so excited to be a part of this. Both she and Ella want to take tumbling over the summer. Mira is quite a little athlete. Colin is always asking her to flex. He admires her muscle! She is good at every sport she's put her mind to!

 This was at Colin's 6th grade talent show. He played "Pirates of the Carribean" on the piano. Then he was part of a big group that danced the Harlem Shake. They were so silly and obviously had a blast doing it.
 Mira with her teacher, Mrs. Clegg on her last day of kindergarten. Ever.
 The picture below is when we were at the 'M' in Morgan for our hike:
 Mira with some of her class during their kindergarten program.

May Days

 Michael comes over regularly. The kids love to see him. They think he is their personal jungle gym/entertainer. Even some of the neighbor kids take advantage of his enthusiasm!
 Mother's Day was spent with Mom and Dad, Janna, Alan, and Amber coming for dinner.
 Matthew may not eat a fantastic variety of foods, but blueberries are always at the top of the list of foods he will eat. And every time he has some, he needs a bath.
 Mom and Dad got me this pretty hanging basket of petunias for Mother's Day.
 Michael introduced  this game to the kids one day. Put a pillow in your shirt and play Sumo Wrestler!
Mom and Dad took Colin birthday shopping. He came back with some great clothes and these awesome sunglasses. Doesn't he look like a stud?

Colin Turns 12!

This was a much-anticipated birthday. Today Colin would officially become a "young man". He would receive a temple recommend, be able to pass the sacrament, go into Young Men. He's been looking forward to these changes for some time.
 On the road that leads form childhood to adulthood, it awes me to catch glimpses of who Colin is becoming. He is smart and capable. He is fun and funny. Mrs. Pruyt, his 6th grade teacher, made a comment in his report card saying that he is fun to have in class because he has such a great personality. He got to go to Lagoon with all the 6th graders for D.A.R.E. day. He loves gaining new independence.
 Turning 12 maybe wasn't all he was hoping for. His wish of wishes was to get an iPod. Chad and I really did take his request into consideration. We decided that, at 12, his time could be better spent on other things. He got a tennis racquet he'd had his eye on. He's getting to be quite good at it!
We love our Colin.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

During the Day

 The girls styled my hair for me. Since I have a tender head, I am not always too excited about others brushing or fixing my hair. But this day they practiced their braid-making skills. Ella and Mira were both very pleased with their work. They insisted I wear these bows in my hair. They thought it completed the look. What they really wanted was for me to put on some fancy dress or skirt and parade around the house with them.
Mira and Matthew have watched me bathe Jack several times. This day, Mira really wanted to try her hand at bathing Jack and brushing his teeth. She did a great job with the bath. Brushing his teeth was another story. She tried, but he isn't too cooperative. The funniest part is when he gets water over his ears and shakes the water all over. We just laugh.

Las Vegas: Revisited

 Chad had a conference in Las Vegas, and we wanted to make a little getaway of it. Mom stayed back for three days and held down the fort, with some help from Dad. Thanks to them for making this possible!
 When we weren't out doing fun things, I basically holed up in the room and relaxed. Since I'd "been there, done that" with the strip, I'd had my fill. But we did do a couple of cool things. We saw Blue Man Group and Penn and Teller. Both great shows.

 Penn and Teller's show was good. What impressed me most was that they come out immediately after their show to take pictures and sign autographs with anyone who wants to. Very cool.
 On our way home from Vegas, we were wanting to make some sort of side trip. We didn't know where we'd end up. We'd already done Cove Fort and the statehouse in Fillmore. We just kept our eyes peeled for something interesting. We spotted a sign that said something about a "Lost City Museum". We thought that fit the bill. For $5 a person, you get to check out their nice museum, full of facts about the Anasazi. They had reconstructed the homes. It was interesting and well worth the stop.

Girls' Weekend: Las Vegas

 In April I drove with Amber to Las Vegas to meet up with Maren and some ladies from her side of the family: Cheryl, Mallory, Kara, and Kalen. Mallory lives in Vegas, so we stayed at her place.
 I'd been to Vegas before, but long ago, and don't remember anything about it. We wanted to do a few memorable things, so (besides walking the naughty, naughty strip) we ate at The Sugar Factory, taste tested Coke products at the Coke shop, visited the Las Vegas Temple, rode the thrilling rides at the top of Stratosphere, and saw Cirque du Soliel's "Ka". We were gone four glorious days. It was relaxing and wonderful. Girls' weekend is a must repeat!
 Coke testing
Top of Stratosphere

Meet Jack

 (And a bonus picture of Mira snapping a picture of her and Matthew on the iPad. Silly kids.)
 In April, we got ourselves a new family member: Jack. I'd done plenty of research on which dogs are good for families. Jack is a Boston Terrier. He is a lot of fun for our family. The kids love him and help with his care. He normally gets a morning walk by one of the kids each day before school.

 Jack is cute and smart. The family who had him before loved him and took really great care of him. They taught him some cool tricks: sit, down, roll over, "bang" (dead), shake, stay... The biggest problem we have with him is that he will take off out the front door, garage door, from the car. If we call him back, he completely ignores us. It is a big concern. I would love to get some obedience training for him. Our entire family could go and learn how to train him effectively and prevent this dangerous behavior.

 He usually sleeps with one of the girls. He hogs the bed. And he snores, snuffles, and farts. But we don't care. He is a cutie.