Sunday, June 9, 2013

Colin Turns 12!

This was a much-anticipated birthday. Today Colin would officially become a "young man". He would receive a temple recommend, be able to pass the sacrament, go into Young Men. He's been looking forward to these changes for some time.
 On the road that leads form childhood to adulthood, it awes me to catch glimpses of who Colin is becoming. He is smart and capable. He is fun and funny. Mrs. Pruyt, his 6th grade teacher, made a comment in his report card saying that he is fun to have in class because he has such a great personality. He got to go to Lagoon with all the 6th graders for D.A.R.E. day. He loves gaining new independence.
 Turning 12 maybe wasn't all he was hoping for. His wish of wishes was to get an iPod. Chad and I really did take his request into consideration. We decided that, at 12, his time could be better spent on other things. He got a tennis racquet he'd had his eye on. He's getting to be quite good at it!
We love our Colin.

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