Tuesday, June 4, 2013

During the Day

 The girls styled my hair for me. Since I have a tender head, I am not always too excited about others brushing or fixing my hair. But this day they practiced their braid-making skills. Ella and Mira were both very pleased with their work. They insisted I wear these bows in my hair. They thought it completed the look. What they really wanted was for me to put on some fancy dress or skirt and parade around the house with them.
Mira and Matthew have watched me bathe Jack several times. This day, Mira really wanted to try her hand at bathing Jack and brushing his teeth. She did a great job with the bath. Brushing his teeth was another story. She tried, but he isn't too cooperative. The funniest part is when he gets water over his ears and shakes the water all over. We just laugh.

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