Sunday, June 9, 2013

End of School Whatnot

 Micah's 4th grade class prepared a program on Utah counties for parents. Their teacher, Ms. Brown, did a great job teaching them. Each student was assigned a county on which to do a report, float, and tri-fold. I loved going around and seeing the different floats and tri-folds. Micah was assigned Box Elder county, which isn't necessarily the most exciting county to report on. But we did learn some interesting facts about it. The wedding of the rails happened at Promontory Point, which is where the Golden Spike is. The Candy Bomber is from Garland. He dropped candy to the children of Germany during WWII. There is a bird refuge. There was an Indian school in Box Elder. Micah was enthusiastic about his project, and I really did enjoy working on it with him, and learning some things myself!
 The entire 2nd grade at Fox Hollow had a nice program about the United States of America. I think every parent and sibling attended. The gym was packed. They did a really great job. Lots of cute songs and parts were recited. I took Ella (and Matthew) afterward for ice cream, which made them very happy!

 Lots of 6th graders around the area went to Lagoon for D.A.R.E. day. I drove Colin up with his friends Carter Ricks and Matthew Anglin. They met up with a group of other friends and had a total blast. I think they felt pretty awesome, being able to go without chaperones. They are good boys.

 For Memorial Day, we stopped by a new memorial right next to our gym in Kearns. The night before, Ella helped present a Family Home Evening lesson on Memorial Day. We talked about what it is, and read a poem. The kids all decorated construction paper to put up on our front windows to show our loyalty to the U.S. and those who serve our country.

 Mira, Matthew, Colin, Micah, Ella, and Jack

 We then drove to Mountain Green to spend some time with Mom and Dad. We had a little barbeque and played in their beautiful backyard.

 We were hoping to find some good hiking trail in Mountain Green, but didn't come up with anything (maybe they are secret and we have to know the right people?). I told Chad about hiking up to the 'M' in Morgan. He was game. I hadn't been  for a long time, but I knew it was one we could do. It's steep the entire way. Micah and Colin were hiking machines! They kicked it. Chad was with them the whole way, with Matthew on his back. He said that was the hardest workout he'd had in a long time. I brought up the rear (as usual) with the girls. It was hard for them, but they kept at it. They were so proud of themselves when they reached the top.
 Mira's kindergarten class put on an adorable program for us. Their songs and recitations touched on things they'd learned throughout the year.
 Mira had her Synergy tumbling performance. There was one little hiccup during her class when one girl got confused and ran off the mat, huddled up and cried. But they all regrouped and pulled it off brilliantly. She was so excited to be a part of this. Both she and Ella want to take tumbling over the summer. Mira is quite a little athlete. Colin is always asking her to flex. He admires her muscle! She is good at every sport she's put her mind to!

 This was at Colin's 6th grade talent show. He played "Pirates of the Carribean" on the piano. Then he was part of a big group that danced the Harlem Shake. They were so silly and obviously had a blast doing it.
 Mira with her teacher, Mrs. Clegg on her last day of kindergarten. Ever.
 The picture below is when we were at the 'M' in Morgan for our hike:
 Mira with some of her class during their kindergarten program.

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Marsha said...

I love that 2nd to last photo of the view from the M. I'd be pretty proud myself if I hiked that. Pretty steep!