Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Girls' Weekend: Las Vegas

 In April I drove with Amber to Las Vegas to meet up with Maren and some ladies from her side of the family: Cheryl, Mallory, Kara, and Kalen. Mallory lives in Vegas, so we stayed at her place.
 I'd been to Vegas before, but long ago, and don't remember anything about it. We wanted to do a few memorable things, so (besides walking the naughty, naughty strip) we ate at The Sugar Factory, taste tested Coke products at the Coke shop, visited the Las Vegas Temple, rode the thrilling rides at the top of Stratosphere, and saw Cirque du Soliel's "Ka". We were gone four glorious days. It was relaxing and wonderful. Girls' weekend is a must repeat!
 Coke testing
Top of Stratosphere

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