Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Las Vegas: Revisited

 Chad had a conference in Las Vegas, and we wanted to make a little getaway of it. Mom stayed back for three days and held down the fort, with some help from Dad. Thanks to them for making this possible!
 When we weren't out doing fun things, I basically holed up in the room and relaxed. Since I'd "been there, done that" with the strip, I'd had my fill. But we did do a couple of cool things. We saw Blue Man Group and Penn and Teller. Both great shows.

 Penn and Teller's show was good. What impressed me most was that they come out immediately after their show to take pictures and sign autographs with anyone who wants to. Very cool.
 On our way home from Vegas, we were wanting to make some sort of side trip. We didn't know where we'd end up. We'd already done Cove Fort and the statehouse in Fillmore. We just kept our eyes peeled for something interesting. We spotted a sign that said something about a "Lost City Museum". We thought that fit the bill. For $5 a person, you get to check out their nice museum, full of facts about the Anasazi. They had reconstructed the homes. It was interesting and well worth the stop.

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