Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Meet Jack

 (And a bonus picture of Mira snapping a picture of her and Matthew on the iPad. Silly kids.)
 In April, we got ourselves a new family member: Jack. I'd done plenty of research on which dogs are good for families. Jack is a Boston Terrier. He is a lot of fun for our family. The kids love him and help with his care. He normally gets a morning walk by one of the kids each day before school.

 Jack is cute and smart. The family who had him before loved him and took really great care of him. They taught him some cool tricks: sit, down, roll over, "bang" (dead), shake, stay... The biggest problem we have with him is that he will take off out the front door, garage door, from the car. If we call him back, he completely ignores us. It is a big concern. I would love to get some obedience training for him. Our entire family could go and learn how to train him effectively and prevent this dangerous behavior.

 He usually sleeps with one of the girls. He hogs the bed. And he snores, snuffles, and farts. But we don't care. He is a cutie.

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