Thursday, July 11, 2013

Colin's First Temple Visit

Our wonderful boy is becoming a terrific young man. With Colin turning twelve, he received a temple recommend to perform baptisms for the dead. On June 8th, Chad and I took Colin to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. It was a busy day in the baptistry. But while we waited, Colin got to watch other baptisms performed, ask questions, and read scriptures. Because the baptistry was pressed for time, they had us split up our names with a brother and sister who were at the temple together. They were so cute, and it made me hope for the day when our children might attend the temple together. Colin enjoyed his time at the temple. It's really fun to watch him grow. A couple of Sundays ago, he gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on friends. Chad pulled out some material from the New Era and "For the Strength of Youth" booklet for Colin to read from. Well, Colin read it and put together his own talk without any further direction. We are constantly impressed with him.
What is Colin like right now? This will be fun for us to look back on and remember:

*Loves basketball, soccer, tennis. Mostly tennis. He's in a league right now, and he's among the youngest of the kids he plays with. He can definitely hold his own. Chad says Colin's pretty much at his level, now.
*Reads informational books and comic books. His favorites are things like Guinness Book of World Records and those types. He also loves Calvin and Hobbes and Fox Trot. He's a pro at going to the library and looking up books under any subject he's currently interested in. And as soon as he gets them home, he's immersed in them. He did read fiction books while in 6th grade. He discovered his favorite book of all time (thus far) is "The Outsiders". But at home, he generally shies away from fiction.
*He's starting to babysit for us more. There are occasions when we pay him, but many times he does it just because he's the oldest brother and he's helping out the family. He tries his best to run a tight ship. I know it's challenging, especially when some of them (Mira) pick up the phone to call Mom and Dad because she doesn't like the way things are going.
*Colin really wants Matthew to feel close to him. Sometimes his feelings are wounded when Matthew might reject him. I try to remind him that Matthew does that even to Dad sometimes. But Colin persists in building a relationship with him by playing with him, pushing him on the swing, reading to him.
*His best friend right now is Orion Badger, who lives right up the street. When they're together they might talk Minecraft (online game), plan Halloween scary walk-throughs, ride bikes to Subway or 7-11, organize and sell at their "Colin and Orion Super Sales", etc. He is concerned about broadening his circle of friendship, especially once he begins middle school. We've talked about what kinds of friends he'd be looking for. I think he's the kind of kid who attracts high quality friends. He's had really nice compliments from his recent teacher, Mrs. Pruyt, about how fun he is to have in class, and that he's a good friend.
*He's really beginning to care about style. He's grown out his hair a little. This means no more standard "Mom" haircuts. He wants something more hip. He enjoys clothes shopping with me or Grandma Miller. He knows what he likes once he gets pointed in the right direction.
*He's continuing to progress with piano. I tell him that I just love being upstairs, doing the dishes or whatever, and hearing him practice downstairs. I can hear him easily, and he's so talented. Makes me wish I could play like that! It's fun to think about what he'll do with that talent. I hope he is able to bless others on his mission with it. I hope he shares it with his family one day. I hope he has a calling sometime that allows him to play in primary or Sacrament meeting. I hope he plays it just for the pure enjoyment of it.
*This year he took the highest level (same as last year) in swimming lessons this summer. His teacher says he really should be in pre-competitive swimming because he's passed off all his strokes. He has a lot of fun at the pool.
*This summer he accomplished something big. He jumped off the 7.5 meter platform at Kearns Oquirrh Recreation Center. It was something that was a real inner struggle for him. But after he did it, he came up to me feeling so awesome that he actually did it.

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Marsha said...

These are always my favorite posts. Probably because I know how much your kids are going to love knowing these things about themselves, when they are older and have forgotten.