Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins!

 This month was a biggie because we got to have the Miller side and the Barnett side all together. It sure is a rare thing with Doug and Rachel in Germany,  Blake and Maren in Washington, and Chris and Gabby in Texas.
 We were looking forward to seeing Doug and Rachel's crew as soon as they got in. Mom and Dad invited us over for a barbeque so we could spend some time together. Above we have Michael Finelli, Danni with Juliette on her lap, Kate, and Ella.
 Micah and Grant are perfect buddies for each other.
 (And going back to Matthew's birthday, here is his little bike he got.)

 The Newtons (Rachel's family) are ever gracious, and invited us to join them in their awesome backyard for a swim. So we all trooped over, including Michael and Blake and Maren, Braden, Brody, and Hunter. Below we've got Micah and Michael wrestling, Chad with Matthew, and I think that's Braden swimming around.
 Chatting are Sarah, Joan, and Maren.
 Matthew, Chad, and Doug.
 It felt so good on this hot, hot day to get in this refreshing pool. Everyone had a blast splashing around, swinging from the rope, or coming up with creative ways to go down the slide. Below: Theron, Brody, Blake, and Ammon.
 Theron, Colin, Brody, Blake.
 Colin and Brody. Brody was quite content hanging out on the step with toys.
 Colin, Braden, Michael, Doug, Ella, Matthew.
 Lots of getting together...Sunday we had everyone over for dinner, cake, and ice cream. We sang to Matthew, Kate (turned 8), and Grant (turned 10). Very special!
 The cousins enjoying their spoils.
 Theron and Kate spent the night with us that day. Theron loved that Jack warmed up to her. He'd been a bit of a stinker with all the unfamiliar people around the house. Theron asked that I take a picture of her with Jack. Cute girl. I love her. There were a couple of points when we were all together and Theron was getting bored. She'd come and want to hang with me. She's a great conversationalist and is a little gem. Love that girl!

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