Friday, July 12, 2013

Days in June

With school out, the kids have more free time on their hands. That makes for more silliness. I am so glad they get moments like this together. It makes up for other times when they might not be getting along so nicely.
 In the bath, Mira created her own bubble bath. She enjoyed being a Santa look-alike.
 We love having Cousin Michael so close by. He comes to visit regularly, and is always fun to have around.
 Chad and I went out for a date night to an RSL game. (They won!) We left Colin home in charge. We only got about 25 phone calls (mostly from Mira).

 Mira got hold of my iPad and had some fun. I deleted about a dozen pictures of nothing.

 Silly girl. This is one of Ella's favorite spots in the house. She'll go in, close the door and play with toys or listen to an audiobook. She just finished The Candy Shop War. She loves her personal time.

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