Sunday, July 14, 2013

Independence Day

 The morning of the 4th we went to the North Ogden Cherry Days parade. Before we left, the kids got their faces painted (the little ones decided it was too itchy after a little while), and a few sprayed their hair. Above (before we were completely set up): Amber, Chad, Hunter, Braden, Matthew, Brody, Micah, Mira, Ella, Colin. And even though their eyes are closed, you can see Mira, Ella, and Colin's fun festive clothes and faces. I love that Colin wore his red shirt, white shorts, and long blue soccer socks. He loves this holiday!
 Mr. Braden, cutie pie.
 Aw, love those smiles!
 Micah is trying to pass off that he's just not feeling it. Don't believe it for a minute. He was having a blast.
 Matthew, Brody, and Micah. Totally adorable!! Waiting for the parade to begin. Keep hydrated, boys!
 Matthew's got his bag, ready to grab some loot!
 Now this is after we're all set up. Two canopies, blankets, kids, bags for candy... Here are Braden, Paige, Mira, Kate, and Juliette. In the background is everyone else.
 All the Barnett and Miller little cousins, Grandma Barnett, Grandma and Grandpa Miller, Doug and Rachel, Amber, Blake and Maren. Too fun!
 Matthew and Grant.
 Jana had invited the entire group back to her place for a barbeque and relaxation. The kids brought swimsuits and played on the slip 'n' slide. I have to say that Janna did a great job with the whole thing. She and Alan had obviously spent a lot of time prepping for this. The food was festive and delicious.
 So above we have Juliette, Mira, Paige, Brody, Braden, Grant, and Kate.
 Poor little Ella. She did fine through the parade and barbeque. Then she just crashed. She was complaining about not feeling well.
 Back at the parade...Doug and Rach.
 Brody working it out on that slip 'n' slide!
 All lined up...
 Inside, where the good stuff is. Doug, Theron, Mom, Janna, Maren, Blake, Chad.
 Amber, Colin, and Ashley Newton.
 Hunter watching the action.
 Hunter, Micah, Danni
 And you'd better believe Michael got right out there with the kids. No fear.
 Strike a pose! Michael, Theron, Kate, Mira, Matthew.
 Yeah, baby!
 Chilling inside where it's cool.
 Let the games begin! We played a game on Amber's iPad, which was fun. After some relaxation, we all headed over to the movie theater to watch "Monsters University."
 Now this was the part Colin was most anxious for. He had money saved and spent nearly $50 on fireworks. He was determined to use them on the fourth of July when cousins were around. He got his wish! They had so much fun. Micah bought several fireworks of his own. Even the girls had spent a little money on them. Excitement!
 Grandma and Grandpa were ever vigilant so that their home did not get burned down.
 Matthew did not like the loud pops, so we went into the den and watched from behind the glass. He was happy with that.

 Ha ha! Kid at heart.
 Go Colin!

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Liz said...

Looks like fun! Kids love parades but my husband is a scrooge. :) I like that Micah bought his own fireworks. Boys+fire=fun :)