Sunday, July 28, 2013


 Matthew really does love Jack. When Jack's not licking his face. It's pretty darn adorable to hear Matthew say in a hyped-up doggie talk voice "Ooooh, Jackie! You're such a good boy, huh? We love you!" And then, a few minutes later, he chucks a magazine or something at Jack, which promptly lands him in Time Out. He always apologizes afterward to Jack, but it's hard being three and empathizing with the dog.
 Just look at that cute face. Bug eyes, big ears, soft mouth. He's a stinker (literally), but we do love him.
 Ella and Mira had their friend, Lillian come play and we had a huge downpour. Summer storms are fun!
 Matthew decided to take grooming into his own hands. Doing his own version of a spiked hairdo, I guess. Love him.
 So, one day I'm at the gym. I'd left the older four at home, since they're not in school yet. That way they can sleep in (and maybe get a few jobs done by the time I get home?). As I'm getting in my car to head home, I glance at my phone and noticed I'd missed 14 phone calls. All from home. The phone rings. It's Mira. She wants to know when I'll be back. There's some excitement in her voice, so I know the house isn't burning down. As I walk in the door, Colin asks if I want to see a magic trick. On the kitchen table is a blanket draped over a big box. Colin does some slight of hand maneuver, yanks off the blanket, and there sits this beautiful little parrot in Jack's kennel. Apparently, the kids (Jack, actually) spotted this on our trampoline, and easily coaxed it into the kennel. He was obviously lost and probably exhausted. I don't know how to care for birds, and we certainly didn't have any supplies. So I called our neighbor, Kent Goodliffe. He came with a cage and food. After trying to find the owner without success, with the kids asking and asking to keep the bird, we decided the Goodliffe's home was the best place for him. (Micah and Orion went over to visit the bird recently at the Goodliffe's. Their bikes were left on the grass. And stolen. Bah.)
 7/11 Free Slurpee Day! Unless that 7-11 has run out of their free Slurpee cups and you already promised your kids Slurpees and then have to buy them all one. Boy, were they happy with that!
 Colin has been working on getting his hair to style with a swoop across the bangs and sides. It's been a bit of a journey, but I think he's there, now.
 One weekday Colin and Micah got to spend the night at Mom and Dad's house. Since they were going to have some fun over there with Theron and Grant, we wanted to have Kate and Paige over for a sleepover. We put on "Matilda" on the travel DVD player. Don't they just look like peas in a pod? (Ella, Mira, Matthew, Kate, Paige)
 The next day was hot and I mentioned that they could go out and wash the car. They were totally stoked about that! Swimsuits, water, and suds and they were good to go.
 Kate was making sure she got all those higher spots. Any excuse to climb on the car, really.

 Here's a shot Mom got of Grant, Theron, Micah, and Colin at Classic Waterslides in Riverdale. They were pretty spoiled. She even bought them all snow cones. They had a blast.

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