Sunday, July 14, 2013

Matthew's 3rd Birthday and Silliness

 One of my favorite things is hand-me-downs. I enjoy giving them and I sure do appreciate being on the receiving end. My friend from the gym, Stephanie Gardener, had some clothes her daughter had grown out of. The girls were thrilled with the stylish new clothes.

We had a boogie session. We'll put on some music on Pandora and sing along and have fun. Until one of the kids tells me to stop singing and dancing. Why do they ruin my fun?
 On Matthew's birthday, Colin and I took him through the car wash. He's come a long way with that. When he was younger, he'd cover his eyes and just freeze up. Now he's more fascinated with it. We love to see the colorful suds and the twirling brushes.
 Matthew's birthday continued with gifts from his siblings. The older four spent their own money on gifts for him. He received play-doh, a bouncy ball, a light-up ball, Pop-Its (since it's close to the Fourth of July), a few little cars, a Minecraft card and poster, and a Cars poster (both homemade, which is best!).
 I don't remember why Micah dressed up as a nerd. But he was doing something and hamming it up, as usual.
 Oh yes, and the kids each got him a sucker. Probably his favorite thing.
 From Chad and I he got a bicycle with no pedals. He's tried it a couple of times and does well.
What is our Matthew like these days?

*He likes Minecraft. Watching someone else play it, or sneaking the iPad himself and digging away at dirt blocks or breaking glass.
*He'll play pretend Minecraft with his siblings. He will pretend he has a diamond sword to be Stevie, or he'll be a zombie and go chase after people with his arms extended saying "Aaaaah!" Or he'll  be a Creeper and chase people saying "Kssshhhh! Ksssshhhh!"
*He's turned into a climber. He'll climb up the shelves in the kitchen pantry to get to whatever it is he wants. Hot chocolate powder, bread, crackers, chips.
*He's a picky eater! His favorite foods are: blueberries, smoothies, peeled apple wedges, cereal, chips, hot chocolate, crackers, grapes, applesauce, yogurt, noodles, rice, peanut butter (and jelly sometimes) sandwiches, popsicles.
*He loves and expects to read books at bedtime. It throws him off sometimes to read books at other times because it's normally just before bed, and he thinks you're trying to put him to bed. Books he loves: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 10 in the Bed, Toy Story books, Cars books, The Little Engine That Could, The Little Red Caboose, Dr. Seuss books, etc.
*He thinks all technology should be available to him all the time. He is constantly asking to play the iPad. If he can't have that, then he asks for my smartphone. If all else fails, maybe there's someone watching a video on the computer he can mooch off of.
*He is in no hurry to potty train. I've been trying to prep him as he's been getting closer to turning 3, but he's just not quite interested yet. And I'm of the mindset that he'll do best with potty training when he's really ready.
*He loves to swing and jump on the tramp. And he doesn't want to be alone doing it. He likes company.
*Matthew  has picked up a lot of things from his older siblings. He has some favorite songs he's learned from them. His favorites are Minecraft parodies. His old favorite song was Gangnam Style by Psy. But now is it Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I've got to get a video of him singing it. Pretty darn adorable!
*We had a CD a while ago from the library that had a bunch of kids telling corny jokes. He loved that and we listened to it more times than I can count. The joke he likes to tell me is "Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Cash" "Cash who?" "What are you, some kind of nut?" And then he just laughs. And he'll tell it to me again several more times and laugh each time.
*At bedtime he enjoys listening to a CD. These days it's the Brave CD with music from the movie and a retelling of the story. Either Chad or I have to stay in his room until he's asleep. It didn't used to be that way, but one night we did it, and now it's a habit. That's okay, I think it's a nice excuse for one of us to have time to chill in a quiet bedroom while the other one chases kids around getting them in bed.

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