Sunday, August 11, 2013

 The Saturday after the kids' first day of school, Chad took everyone to Lagoon. Minus Ella and me. She was in too much discomfort with her braces to have any fun there. They met up with Aunt Amber. There were some different combinations of groups going around, but it seems to usually end up being Amber with Colin and Micah doing the big rides. I think this day she took Matthew for a while so Chad could get in some big rides with the older kids. I get a kick out of going through the text messages on my phone that Colin had while at the park. They're simple and humorous messages going between Colin and Chad. Above is the infamous JetStar, in which Colin, Micah, and Amber rode months ago and got injured on. Colin and Amber's heads collided at one point. They signed off that ride for good after that.
 Matthew's a little trooper at Lagoon. He gets his fill of the rides he likes: the car, boats, carousel. He has no interest in anything that goes too fast. He'd be just as happy climbing on fences and planters.
 He was watching some of the kids ride the Rocket. He later described to me how they went up so fast, and came zooming back down.

 Micah, Ella, and Mira began their first day of school at the end of July. A little strange to be going back to school when it's still full-fledged summer. No nip in the air yet. Ella started third grade, Mira first, and Micah fifth. Ella had no reservations about going to school and having French for the third year. Mira was feeling unsettled about getting to her class, and everything that goes with it. Thankfully, we were able to meet Mrs. Heinecke, along with several kids from her class. I think that helped ease a little tension for her. In the picture below, you can see Micah in purple. This was the best shot I could get surreptitiously. A picture was not happening otherwise.
 The first day of school was a momentous day for Ella for another reason. She got braces put on her upper teeth. Those first 5 days were pretty difficult for her. She could hardly eat anything, and the insides of her mouth were so painful. But it was amazing how quickly her teeth began to move into place!

Micah's Raingutter Regatta

 The Cub Scouts had a Raingutter Regatta last week. They'd made their little boats out of 1/2 pint milk cartons. They were quite excited about it. The boats had a tendency to tip over and get the paper sail wet, which hampered things a bit, but they still got them to work. There was a lot of cheering! Above are the Cubs, and below are Micah and James Hakanson giving their boats a test run.
 The scouts are always full of fun and energy. The part that puts a smile on my face is when each boy gets called up to receive his awards and gets to choose what cheer he'd like everyone to do: the wave, watermelon-spitting cheer, etc. Silly and fun.