Sunday, September 8, 2013

Colin Is a Sevie

 All the seventh graders were able to attend one short day of orientation before the eighth and ninth graders joined them the next week. This was so nice because it gave these new middle schoolers the chance to try out their locker combos, find classes, and such without the stress of time constraints. Colin has now been in school for a couple of weeks. He likes all of his teachers, even though they're all different from each other. Some of them are funny, a couple allow them to chew gum in class (a big plus when you're 12!),  some tell interesting and humorous stories. Colin was really hoping to get first violin in orchestra, which he did. He was overwhelmed with math at the very beginning, but after a little practice, he now understands what's going on, and he's much happier. Organization is proving to be a challenge. With all the different teachers, there are different expectations as far as when assignments are due. It will take focus for him to keep it organized and stay on top of assignments. He has yet to find his niche within a group of friends. We pray about it. (Well, I certainly do!) He seems happy to be with himself, learning card tricks, reading books, researching fireworks. I just hope some other good kids will see his great qualities too.