Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Children and Dates

 Library day is a favorite of the kids. They beg to go pick out new books. Once we get home with our new stash, you can be sure it's quiet time for a while. I loved how the girls had their books spread all over the floor so they could see everything they had. Digging right in!
 Our neighbors, Shannon and Jeri Roach, have a lovely garden, and shared some of their bounty with us. There were a lot of ripe tomatoes, and I decided to make tomato soup. It tasted wonderful, and we even got the older kids to eat it.
 We love having Michael over for a visit, especially when he stays for dinner.
 Matthew's first visit to the dentist. He did such a great job holding still for Dr. Holt! We made a big deal of it.
 Colin's been asking about getting braces for a while, now. He just had a couple of stubborn teeth pulled. This is his x-ray. He got a full set of braces, top and bottom. One concern the dentist has is with his jaw possibly growing more extended. I sent this x-ray to Chris because it reminds me of him. There are times when Colin smiles and I see my brother. Isn't his x-ray handsome?
 Matthew loves to help me with anything I might be making. Especially cracking eggs and mixing. This day I got the pleasure of our shirtless Matthew wearing his Police hat he made at preschool.
 I was so proud of Matthew for cleaning his room. And he was so proud of himself, he was happy to have a picture of it all cleaned up!
 Someone (Mira?) wanted to take a few pictures. Ella and I: happy hugs!
 Chad and I had a date night to an RSL game. Colin stayed home and babysat. It is such a freeing thing, now that our kids are at ages where they can stay home together. Colin works hard for his money. We leave a list for him, and a bribe for a bonus if we return home, everyone is safe and (relatively) happy, and the house is picked up after the younger ones are in bed. He does a good job.
 While walking to the game, we happened upon Amber and Alan. "Well, hello, there!"
 Chad turned 37. Love this picture.
 Right by Matthew's preschool, there is a dirt-sorting area. Machines are sometimes operating, and when they are, we must stop and watch. Very interesting. And not just for the 3 year-old.
 One rainy day, Little Learners had a field trip to the corn maze. You can imagine what it was like, trudging through the maze after it had been raining all morning. But it didn't deter the brave few. Thankfully, we had umbrellas. Matthew was so happy to carry one for the first time. The state of our jeans and shoes at the end was quite a sight. Nothing modern washing machines can't handle, though.

 A funny little shot:
 One of the kids must have taken this picture of our entry way. But I like it because it is representative of what our entry way normally looks like. Shoes piled underneath the bench, jackets and backpacks overflowing the bins, and baskets of hats and gloves. I remind myself it will not always be this way, and to be thankful for my children as they are right now.

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