Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Frightmares at Lagoon

 We've had season tickets to Lagoon for two years now. We've got our money's worth, but less so this year than last. Although Frightmares is popular with many people, our kids do not love it. It's too spooky for them. With the younger ones, we try to stick to the kiddie area to avoid all the creepy costumed characters walking around, trying to scare people. Lagoon has a couple of really cute walk-throughs for the younger ones, so we had fun with that.
 Mira and Ella were going for a pose, when Matthew thought he should join in on it. Love that!
 Reminiscent of Colin's cactus-poking pose in Spokane a while back.

 At first, pretty darn intimidated by this character, Mira warmed up to the idea of getting a picture with him and that creepy baby. She was proud of herself. So was I!
 Train ride!
 Hey, so brave now, we'll take another picture with the creepy people!
 One last big scream before we say goodbye to Lagoon for a while!

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Marsha said...

Lots of catch up here. I've always wondered, do they let you ride the rides at Frightmares or are they shut down?