Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Outings and Teeth

In October, we wanted to go to the Camperworld in Garland, which has a hot springs swimming pool.
At first we were going to camp, but some nights had been cold, and we (Chad and I, anyway) chickened out. Once we got up there, it was beautiful weather, and we wished we'd have camped. Chad took the boys out for a round of golf. I think they had a good time. While they were gone, the girls, Matthew, and I played a little croquet, kicked the soccer ball around, explored a big tree, went for a walk, and had a picnic on our big blanket. We watched geese fly overhead. It was lovely. We all went swimming. The water was a little too warm for my taste, but it would be nice to swim in when very chilly outside. Chad's cousin, Melissa Rasmussen, and her boys met up with us for a while, and we got to visit a little.

 One Sunday we went for a drive on the Alpine Loop, up past Mount Timpanogos. This is something I want to do again next year, but a few weeks earlier in the season. Most of the leaves had dropped. It was pretty, and would be spectacular in late September! We pulled over and went for a walk. The boys collected sticks on their way back for some idea they had for Halloween in our front yard.
 Silly people!
 I don't remember what this was all about. But I'm guessing they'd dumped out the contents and were playing in the bin, hiding in it, or something.
 Jack has several favorite spots on the house. Anywhere the sun is shining in (the office or Matthew's bedroom floor), on the girls' or Micah's beds, and under the desk. Looks like Matthew wanted to get cozy with him. We love it when Matthew goes up to Jack, puts his hands around his face, and says, "Oh, Jackie-Boy, I love you, yes I do! You are such a good boy, yes you are! Who's the good boy? Who's the good boy?" He says it in the gravelly baby-talk voice that he picked up from hearing me talk to Jack that way. We all giggle inwardly and think it's the cutest thing.
 So here we go with Mira and her teeth! She must be among the last in her grade to still have her two top teeth. They were starting to become loose. In fact, one was getting quite loose. But when I looked in her mouth, I could see both permanent teeth behind them. This is a repeat of what's happened to the older kids. I wanted to get those teeth out so that, hopefully, the permanent teeth would come in properly. Here she is, waiting for Dr. Holt to take those babies out. The last time with that smile. *Sniff!*
 She was pretty nervous, but was brave when she got numbed up. She's chilling, watching some movie in the ceiling. The numbing medicine made her feel like her lips were humongous. I took this picture for her so she could see for herself what her mouth looked like.
 She was calm and stayed so still while the doc pulled them out. Being a parent is an education in and of itself. I love going in, asking questions, and watching procedures. Now there's a gaping hole!
 And her new and improved smile!

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