Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Just got the computer up and running. Computer problems seem to hit us like the yearly flu. It does us in. We finally had to take it in to have the viruses removed. Now I'm uploading pictures from the last several weeks. I have no dates attached to any of them, so I'm throwing them all on here at once.
 Colin was discovering all the funny things one can do to pictures.
 Good looks for him, I think.
 One day in July I took the kids to the Kearns outdoor pool one last time. Mira's shivering, waiting for me to shoot.
 Micah had a little fun going off the diving board.
 Matthew getting some snacks.
 And I believe this next one is from the last time Chad and I took the kids to Seven Peaks.
 Ella indulging Matthew in a little reading time.
 I don't even remember what the kids were doing here.
 We had a crazy late summer rainstorm, and Matthew and Mira  just had to go puddle stomping. Colin just pointed out to me that Mira looks to be half coming out of the cement. Magic!

 My sweetie pie Matthew. I love to check on him before bed, all snuggled up in his blankets. So precious.
 Matthew began preschool this year at Little Learners Academy here in West Jordan. By now, he's been in school for a couple of months. I can't say it's something he loves. When I tell him "You get to go to preschool today!" his response is, "I've already been a million times." Meaning, he's put in his time and he's done with it.

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