Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 Micah and the girls rotate who gets to have Jack sleep with them every night. I suspect he is a comfort during nights when it's hard to chase away impending nightmares. The kids vacillate between wanting to sell him and keep him. Jack is sometimes very naughty. He'll dart out of the house, bark at neighbors, and nip at other kids. But the last time I told them he was a goner, and I was putting him up for sale, there were many tears shed. We've been trying more diligently to keep him from going nuts when someone comes to the door.
 At the beginning of the school year, there was a crazy hair day. I had my experience with prayer that morning. The girls had the idea in their heads to do the Cindy Lou-Who hairdo. I feel like I am all thumbs when it comes to doing hair, but not wanting to let them down, I said I'd attempt it. I had in mind the method, but I wasn't confident. The whole time I was praying that I'd be able to accomplish this thing which is seemingly insignificant, but important to my girls. And I did feel help come. My hands steadied, and they looked adorable. Even if Mira did take hers out an hour into school because it was hurting her head. :) They were happy.
 Riding mattresses down the stairs is always a great time!
 Matthew gives Jack some love at the park.
 At Mira's last soccer game, someone got hold of my camera and took lots of pictures. Alyssa Badger:
 and Ella:

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Liz said...

You did a great job on their hair. :)