Wednesday, November 20, 2013

River Rafting Scout Camp

This is from earlier this summer, when Colin got to go for the first time to Scout Camp. Here he is with two other new Scouts: Keaton Bussell and Ethan Hanna. There had been a lot building up to this. A ward auction, in which Colin and Chad auctioned off themselves for yard work, as a way to help pay for Scout Camp.
 And what a camp it was! They got to go rafting. Chad took time off work to do this with Colin.

 When they returned home, I got to hear about water fights, the food, the drinking cups attached to their vests, knocking leaders out of their rafts, etc.

 Colin keeps telling Micah he hopes Micah gets to do the same thing while he's a Scout. Colin's leader, Brother Mark Jones, told the boys he's been on lots of Scout Camps, and this was the best one he'd ever been a part of. Hard to live up to that after doing it your first year. But Colin got a taste of what Scout Camp is like, and he and Micah look forward to years ahead!
 I believe this is Colin with dish duty:


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