Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Hats and Gingerbread Houses

 Dad made Santa hats for each person in the family (Doug and Rachel and their kids, Chris and Gabby and baby girl, Mom and Dad). They are beautiful, and we wanted to get some Christmas pictures in our hats. This family one would be the one I'd send out with Christmas cards. I wish I would have planned ahead, instead of right before Christmas. Anyhoo... It's been about 7 years since I've sent any Christmas cards out anyway.
 There were other contenders for Christmas photo which didn't quite make the cut. Let us see who is to blame, haha. #1:

 #3: Well, goofy...
 Mom and Aunt Shelley came over with the hats, and to make gingerbread houses.
 Earlier this day, before church, I was all dressed, ready to go. The girls saw the idea I was going with in the scarf. They thought it was brilliant (naturally!), and picked out a couple of my scarves for themselves. Then we did a song and dance called "Mommy Style," which I cannot show in a book, but trust me, it was awesome. They know what's good when they see it.
 Back to Mom and Aunt Shelley being over. We worked on gingerbread houses while listening to Christmas music. The boys teamed up with Grandma.
 Matthew was just happy to eat...what IS that he is eating?
 Creativity takes careful execution.
 Aunt Shelley was on board with the girls.
 They worked well together.
 Matthew helped. And snacked. Well, let's be honest, everyone did.
 Earlier, I'd had the table set with the red tablecloth, china, candlesticks, the whole shebang. We had stew and rolls. Then it was down to business with gingerbread houses.
Aunt Shelley was in Utah because she was supposed to go in to have the battery in her pacemaker replaced. Come to find out, after many tests, she doesn't even need the thing anymore! Her change in lifestyle, along with modern medication, and remedied her. Wonderful news! She was surprised, relieved, and thrilled with the news. We were all so very happy for her!

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