Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lights at Temple Square

 In the past, whenever we've gone to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights, it has been terribly cold. We decided to get smart this year and go at the beginning of the month. Thus, getting us into the Christmas spirit, plus the added bonus of staying a little warmer! We still needed jackets, but the cold wasn't so biting.
 At the Reflecting Pool. We walked around to look at the nativities from around the world. Matthew was very interested in the water that flows downhill from rectangular pool to pool.
 I don't remember what Mira was telling me here, but her expression cracks me up. That, and Matthew's exasperated pose.
The lights were beautiful. We went into the Assembly Hall and watched part of a performance by a children's choir. With Matthew attempting to climb all over the pews, we just couldn't last very long.

 Love those smiles.
 (I think, at this point, Matthew wasn't going to put up with anymore picture-taking nonsense.)
 We love going up to see the Christus, with the surrounding painting of space. It's beautiful.

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