Thursday, January 9, 2014

Matthew's Preschool Christmas Program

 Matthew and his class had been working hard on their Christmas program in preparation to share it with family. Dad and Colin had to miss it, due to Colin's basketball game. But Grandpa Miller, Micah, Ella, Mira, and I were there. And we were so happy to be there! There were so many funny and adorable moments. When you get a group of preschoolers together, that's bound to be the case.
 Matthew and his teachers, Miss Melissa and Miss Becca. Matthew had been having a hard time with going to preschool. He would cry and refuse to go into preschool. His teachers made an extra effort to greet him with cheerfulness each time he first came in, and that made all the difference. He no longer has that difficulty. I am so relieved!
 The Little Learners sang a bunch of Christmas songs. The theme for the year is 50's sock hop, so  for a couple of songs, they put on these glasses. Adorable!
 Matthew did such a great job singing! I was so proud. At this age, they try so hard to keep up with the words, but they're all just a beat or two behind. There was one boy who kept running to the edge of the stage to shout "It's my preschool!" Man, there were some funny moments.
 Before the program got under way, Micah helped Matthew navigate around on this little wheelie scooter. And he defended him when another boy tried to take away a toy. Micah's concern for his brother shows.
 The kids made me promise to record the whole thing. They watched the musical numbers once we got home. Colin makes sure to be Matthew's buddy.

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