Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mira's 7th Birthday Party

Mira's theme for her birthday was "tea party." The menu included dainty sandwiches, cheese cubes with toothpicks, grapes, veggie tray, and tea. What made me giggle was when a few of the girls, very concerned, asked if this was "real tea." I explained it was herbal tea, and all was safe. Of those who did try it, none drained her cup (no surprise)!

 The girls came, dressed in their fanciest. The white tablecloth was laid out with confetti sprinkled over the center, candles, and beautiful china. We talked about manners, drinking tea with our pinkies up, and talking fancy. They loved it.
 Mira was a happy little girl.
 After lunch was finished, we went to the basement, where the girls decorated their own paper teacups for "Pin the Teacup on the Plate." This was all Mira's idea. That meant drawing, once again, on my limited artistic abilities. I drew a girl holding a plate, on which the teacups were meant to be attached. Thankfully, she was happy with my work. I was even complimented by my sweet birthday girl on the drawing!

 Here she is! (Yes, all right, she has a lot of space between her nose and her eyes, as Chad likes to point out.)
 There was lots of squeals and screams as the game progressed.

 Lined up...
 The next game on Mira's agenda was "Freeze Dance." Mira knew exactly how she wanted her party to go. They danced to several songs: Katy Perry's "Roar," "Firework," and others.
 Cute girls frolicking.

 Gift time! Mira with Ailie Skowronek:
 With Alaia Aguero:
 With Ashley Lesh:
 With Paige Harris:
 Oh, those girls! (Ella wrapped up a couple of other gifts for her sister, too!)
 With Sarah Starley:
 With Lillian Smith:
 With Alyssa Badger:
 With Abby "Robot" Anderson:
It was a great party. She loved all the sweet gifts her friends brought her.  The party favors were pumpkin chocolate chip cookies wrapped up prettily, along with an art glass ring. Oooh la la!

What is Mira like these days?
* She loves her once-a-week tumbling class with Mr. Mike. She'll come home and want me to help her practice her front walkovers, she'll show us new things. And she'll wake up sore the next day!

*Although 1st grade with the language immersion was a tough transition for a while there, she is now happy to go to school. She enjoyed her substitute teacher, Mrs. Nelson (who also happens to live in our neighborhood, and is my Visiting Teacher) , and looks forward to Mrs. Heinecke returning from back surgery.

*Her favorite subjects in school are math and French. On Fridays, she is always bummed out because they don't do math. She is happy when she can report they worked on 5 math sheets at school.

*She is tenderhearted, and gets her feelings hurt when someone says something in a rough way.

*With the above said, she can be a little firecracker. There are moments she goes from sweetness to fury. Especially if she suspects her sister of putting things under her bed.

*If I ask her to do a chore or help me out with something, she is a willing worker. Whether it's setting the table, taking Jack for a walk, or emptying garbages, she does a great job of it.

*Reading is an adventure for this girl. She has a running list of books she's read. She set a goal with her teacher to read 100 books. Right now she's in the 60's. (I'm sure it's actually higher, but I'm not always on top of recording the books.) She loves being able to read a book by herself. And she will read to Matthew, too. It's so helpful.

*Primary is an enjoyable experience for Mira. She sings her heart out, and I love looking out at the Primary children while I'm leading music, and seeing her attentive face, bright eyes, and her singing right along with me. She loves to participate, and will often raise her hand to answer questions. A couple of weeks ago, she came to the front of the room and stood in front of the Sunbeams-to-be (Matthew was part of this group). I asked her to lead them with the actions in the song "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus." She was wonderful! I can see her in this calling one day. Her primary teacher mentioned to me afterward, how well she did engaging all the young children.

*Speaking of Primary teacher, she loved having Brother and Sister Rohbock as her teachers. And they loved their class. (Sister Rohbock is also my Visiting Teacher.)

*A messy bed is unacceptable. Both girls have decided that, rather than having to make their entire beds in the mornings, they'd rather sleep on top of all their covers. They pull out a blanket to cover up with, which in the morning is promptly tucked under the bed, or shoved into the linen closet.

*When getting ready for the day, hair is priority. She quickly gets a brush and works on her hair. Some days her patience is challenged when her hair is on the tangly side. But she eventually works through it.

*Mira loves lipstick.

*During soccer or basketball, she is the one to watch! She is feisty and doesn't let anyone take the advantage if she can help it!

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