Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mira's 7th Birthday

 The thing Mira had requested for her birthday was breakfast in bed. She was very happy to get her French Toast, oranges, and hot chocolate. She generously asked Ella to join her for breakfast in bed.
 She awoke to streamers and presents. Ella gave her one of her Monster High Dolls. From us, Mira got an Easy Bake Oven--something she's had her eye on for a while. She was excited to bake a yummy treat in it. And she graciously shared the ONE cookie with Ella and Matthew. It was hard for them to just be the observers.
That evening, we went together to the Oval ice skating rink. The girls were over-the-top excited, Micah was willing, and Colin wasn't keen on it. But once we'd donned the skates and started out on the ice, Colin decided he would join us after all. The kids were able to stay up, I believe, due to the experience they've had with rollerblades.
 While the older kids and I skated circles around the rink, Chad and Matthew kept occupied on the track. By the time the 2 hours were up, They had run a total of 1 1/2 miles. We were so impressed that Matthew was able to do that! Chad said he kept motivated by jumping over the lines. He stopped for frequent drinks and breaks, but succeeded in running the distance!

 Ella had a lot of fun. We all had sore feet, but it didn't deter anyone.
 Micah did great. He worked hard and improved in the short time we were out.
 Mira started out on the ice unsure of it, but soon enough was brave enough to skate on her own. By the end, she was racing!

 It's fun to feel how cold the ice is.
 The kids would want to hold my hand, which was dandy, except that I was afraid if I fell, I'd take someone down with me! Thankfully, that never came to pass.

 Nice job, Micah!

At least I could quickly snap this of Colin before he skated off!

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