Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Big Boy

I still have catching up to do on the blog, but I want to remember forever how adorable Matthew is right now. He loves thinking about himself as a big boy. He refers to himself as such regularly. He loves that he is now in sunbeams and primary. And I love that I am in primary see his adorable face every Sunday. He is so good and does well sitting with his class. He listens and participates as much as he is able. I hear him at home, singing the books of the Old Testament, which is a song we are working on the primary. Today, we went for a walk down the pathway toward the park. He had his little three wheeled scooter. At one point, his scooter tipped over, and he hit the ground. I hesitated to react, knowing that it could influence his. While pulling himself to standing, he said,  "It's okay, it's okay I am brave. I don't cry because I am a ninja, and ninjas don't cry." All in his sweet little three-year-old voice. How my heart swelled for my big boy! I love him so much.

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