Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pinewood Derby (with Bonus Matthew's Number Three)

 Matthew loves to build with his Fisher Price train tracks. He'll make different shapes, and gets excited when he can identify it as an oval, or something that looks like a letter. He even sleeps with his train tracks. The downer with that is that if the shape breaks apart, he'll run out to get me to come fix it so he can sleep with it in tact. I loved how he made the number three. He was very excited to make "his" number! We put it right by his door, and he liked it there.
 Micah participated in the Pinewood Derby. It was a rough start because the track had electrical issues and wouldn't register the cars racing. Finally, they got it working, and the excitement was palpable. These are so fun to attend, because the boys are a lively bunch. They are proud of their cars, and look forward to the big races!
 Micah had a great time. His car looked great, thanks to Dad and Grandpa!

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