Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blake and Maren's

 We were so happy to be going to Washington to visit cousins. Blake and Maren had recently moved into their beautiful new home. The day we got there, Amber was just finishing up her visit. And Blake just learned that he had a stomach bug.
 The kids had so much fun just being together. They played with toys, watched a few movies. We all went to the movie theater and watched "Frozen." Great movie! We took them to the Rec Center at WSU and had fun playing basketball, ping pong, swimming, running around the track. We got to go to church with them. Other than that, we were at home, relaxing, visiting, and playing.
 Blake and Maren were wonderful hosts. We sure ate well.

Our last night there, we left Colin in charge of the kids for a while while Chad and Blake were playing basketball, and Maren and I were out running errands. When we got back, it was discovered that Matthew caught the bug Blake had. He was sick throughout the night. In the morning, Micah notified us that he was also sick. We threw gallon size Ziploc bags in the car, and were on our way. Those Ziploc bags came in handy. Matthew was fine on the drive home, but poor Micah was miserable. We made it home, though. It was worth the trip.

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