Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmas Morning

 Our tree has many of the ornaments the kids have made for us in preschool and elementary. I can't believe how quickly 5 or 10 years go.
Colin's wish list:
  • Quadcopter
  • Head tennis bag
  • Zen magnets
  • Perplexus maze
  • Newton's cradle toy
  • mechanical pencils
  • marble roller coaster
  • flat-brim Jazz hat
  • RSL jersey
  • Juicy Drop candy
  • gift card
  • magic cards
  • Neocube
  • Wii games
  • DSI points
  • clothes
  • Brian Regan tickets
  • Hex Bugs
  • candy 
  • clementines 
  • Halloween decorations
  • money for fireworks

Micah's wish list:
  • Phantom Halo Lego
  • X Box 360
  • Madden 10 X Box game
  • iPod gift card
  • Navy Seal costume (with binoculars, fake gun, cap, and fake grenade)
  • Daisy bb gun
  • football
  • outdoor basketball
  • Cincinatti Bengals shirt
  • Mocking Jay pin
  • Catching Fire movie
  • Hunger Games
  • Camp Half-Blood t-shirt
  • fake pack of gum that tasers you when you pull it
  • post it flip note (for motion drawings)

Ella's wish list:
  •  iPod Shuffle
  • Halo Legos
  • fox stuffed animal
  • art set
  • clay that comes with paint
  • Kachina doll
  • Monster High doll
  • Moon Dough
  • fake stick on nails

Mira's wish list:
  • Easy Bake Oven
  • tea cup set
  • gift card for iPod Shuffle
  • jewelry box
  • fake nails
  • Monster High purse
  • Monster High Doll (Abby)
  • DS
  • Henry and Mudge books
 Around 5:30 in the morning, I just couldn't sleep any longer. And when I heard whispering and rustling in the living room, that sealed the deal. Colin and Micah were out, investigating the gifts in the living room. I emerged to see their excited faces. We looked over everything together, and knew it was going to be a while before the whole family was ready for the day. To keep occupied, we went to the basement and played a couple games of Yahtzee. Then I made cinnamon rolls and sausage to coax everyone from sleep.
 Gift-opening was fun. The best part of it all was watching the kids' excitement over the gift they'd bought for each other. Fake nails, rubberband bracelets, footballs, light up toys, lipstick, fake grenade, cans of root beer, and playing cards were happily exchanged between siblings. The big gifts this year were the pool table, Colin's Zen magnets, Micah's Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, Ella's art set, Mira's bike, and Matthew's marble run.
 The marble run is so fun, I enjoy helping to put it together in different combinations.
 Colin was well prepared for his Zen magnets. He'd watched many a youtube tutorial. They are interesting to work with.
 Oh, the girls got a rainbow assortment of leggings, and they both screamed and squealed in excitement over those. I think Chad underestimated the happiness those leggings would bring, haha!
We went to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon for a wonderful meal and gift exchange. I didn't get any pictures there, but it was nice.

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