Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ella's 9th Birthday

 Breakfast in bed: pancakes with sprinkles and hot chocolate. And if you share the room with your sister, she of course gets it too.
 Ella and Mira were sneaky little things the night before her big day, when I was putting up decorations. They kept giggling, whispering, and sending Mira out for "trips to the bathroom."
 Ella got a pink Nintendo DS with an adorable fuzzy pink purse in which to carry it, and a Nintendogs game. She was very happy. Chad took her out to Chick-Fil-A for her birthday dinner.

Grandma and Grandpa Barnett and Aunt Amber came down on the next Saturday to watch basketball games, and Grandma took her out for lunch and some shopping. She came back with a huge pink unicorn she named Cupcake.

Grandma Miller came down, took her out to lunch, and for shopping. She returned with another huge stuffed animal: a tiger she named Tigerpaw. She also got an adorable pair of cowgirl boots: brown with pink flowers. She wears them all the time.

What's Ella like these days:
  • Bookworm! She would rather sit down with a book than play videogames, the iPad, or even play with friends. The most recent series she's been interested in are the "Warriors" series, and "Percy Jackson." That one is easily her favorite. Now she and Micah talk Greek mythology together.
  • She enjoys quiet time in her room, playing with stuffed animals, while listening to an audiobook. And she does not appreciate being interrupted. 
  • Piano is coming along nicely. Right now she is working on "Arabian Dance." When she first gets a song, she feels overwhelmed, and struggles. But as soon as she realizes she's making good progress, she has no problem going down to practice. 
  • French class is enjoyable. She likes her teacher, M LeGrand. 
  • She is doing so well in all subjects. Her teacher, Miss Biggs, is wonderful, and always has good things to say about Ella.
  • On Sundays, she will only wear skirts that she deems comfortable and not too poofy. Even though she has some lovely dresses in her closet, she is happiest in footless tights, lacy socks, denim skirt, and top with a half-sweater. 
  • Leggings are a favorite. Jeans are a big no-no in her opinion.
  • She prefers to have her hair down. A side ponytail will do if she must have her hair pulled back.
  • She and Mira worked hard to memorize the song "The Books of the Old Testament" for Primary. I'd promised the kids that I'd buy them each a candy bar if they learned it. When Ella heard this, she worked for it. And then I got to listen to her (and Mira...and Matthew) sing it over and over in the house.
  • Basketball has been fun for her this season. She liked having her dad as her coach. She is learning to get in the game and start to play a little more aggressively. 
I love Ella. She has a softness about her that will be an asset to her and those around her. 

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