Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ella's Percy Jackson Birthday Party

 Micah and Ella were in cahoots in birthday party planning. Because they both love the Percy Jackson series, it was deemed the best idea. Micah worked with his Legos to come up with the cake topper. Ella was pleased. Ella wore a favorite outfit: leggings, horse top, her little shrug, and her new boots.
 Victoria Howe (next-door neighbor):
 Kaylie Skowronek:
 Garrett Dobson:
 Abby Anderson:
 Paige Harris:
 Callie Frac:
 Gigi Hernandez:
 Ashlynn Hanna:
Other than gift-opening and cake and ice cream, the party was completely out of my hands. They had an obstacle course downstairs, and had lots of balloons. Lights were out, other than a black light to show the way to the "laser" maze at the end of the course. They had a good time. Ella received a couple of Rainbow Looms, which are tools used to create the currently popular rubberband bracelets. Ella was thrilled to get them. She has since made a bunch. She likes to be creative, and that was a perfect gift!

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