Wednesday, March 26, 2014

At Home

 I like to go around the house sometimes and just take a few photos of what everyone happens to be doing at the moment. Here are a few from a couple of different days. Above, Colin is practicing, of course. I appreciate that he is so responsible with practicing. And he is very honest about practicing for the full 30 minutes required for orchestra students. He is learning to become more responsible about things. It can be challenging, when you're 12, to rely less on parents to get you to activities, be sure assignments are turned in on time, and such.
Micah and Colin have been working on merit badges with Chad on Saturday mornings.
Minecraft is wildly popular with boys these days. Ella has discovered it for herself, and enjoys getting a little time here and there to play. She usually opts to read of play before thinking of playing Minecraft. Plus, finding time in between the other vying for time on the computer can be difficult.
I was invited by a friend, Nora Mair, to participate in a goal-setting group. We choose a new goal each month, and report on our accomplishment the next month via a blog Nora set up. My goal for the month of March has been no Facebook. I've done well, but I do notice that it is hard to miss out on hearing and seeing updates on friends and family. I do allow myself to get on a couple of Facebook areas, which I don't consider the social media which can waste my time. One is the page that is for Primary Music Leaders. I get so many ideas from other people who have this calling. The other page I go to is one that has the British shows I love to watch. Perhaps, when the month is over, I will limit myself to Facebook after 8:30pm.

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