Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday to Micah

After much deliberation, Micah decided to have a football themed party. I got brave and pulled out my beginner cake decorating kit. I was rather pleased with the results.
February birthdays can be a challenge when you want to play some football with your buddies outside. We reserved the church gym, though, and the boys had a great time.
The played some basketball, football, and the Minute to Win It with the Oreo on the face you try to move down to your mouth without hands.

These boys are pretty fun (and noisy!). They enjoyed the cake and ice cream.

Micah with Strider Fontaine:
Tyler Harris:
Cooper Hutchinson:
Orion Badger:
Jackson Pearce:
Caleb Anglin:
Nick Howe:
I think Mira snapped this when I was finished with the cake.
Micah is a joy to have in our home. Here's some info about our 11 year-old.

  • Loves Minecraft.
  • Constantly thinking about when should use his allotted time for Minecraft.
  • Thinks he might be interested in architecture.
  • Is a great hugger; He'll come up to me at various times throughout the day to hug it out with me
  • The Warriors book series by Erin Hunter is current preferred read, and he loves to read.
  • He doesn't like to wear his glasses. But he needs them, and forgets to take them for critical things (movies, Jazz game, school).
  • Clothing preference includes athletic pants, shorts, and T-shirts. 
  • His favorite tees are his Bengals shirt, Camp Half-Blood, and "How to Avoid Doing Chores."
  • He's loving Scouts at the moment. He's already earned four merit badges, and wants Grandpa Barnett to teach him architecture and woodwork. Chad is working with the boys on Saturday mornings to help them earn merit badges. He (and Colin) really loved earning Geocaching.
  • He's fun-loving and a little mischievous. 
  • He's often smiling.
  • He would prefer to play with friends over homework and piano (shocker, I know). 
  • He detests macaroni and cheese. A lot. He's a rather picky eater, and will forget to eat sometimes. We have to make him stop what he's doing and eat something. Or he'll get a headache because of dehydration and low blood sugar. He just gets busy!
  • He loves Legos, and got a couple of set for his birthday. He's having fun putting those together. 
  • He has not run away this year. That I can remember. Well, he might have escaped through his bedroom window to get away when he was mad, but I can't be sure that was this past year. Haha.
  • Basketball is his favorite sport right now.
  • Caleb and his dad, Ryan Anglin, have turned him into a Cincinnati Bengals fan.

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