Thursday, March 27, 2014

Phone Pictures!

 I just looked at all the pictures I've taken over the past month or more that I forget to include in my posts. So here we go!
 Spring is here, so I've been taking advantage of some sunny weather by taking Matthew to the playground after the gym, after preschool, in the afternoon. Many times, I'll text it to Chad to show him how much fun we're having. I am so grateful for a husband who has always thought it was important that I stay home with the kids. In fact, Micah and I were talking about that the other day. He told me he was glad I could stay home with them, and that he wanted to marry someone one day who will stay home with their children.
 Matthew balancing on the rocking penguin.
 Oh, and the lovely Monster High stickers stuck all around the toilet seat, which I had so much fun getting unstuck. That mystery person "Not Me" earned another point in my naughty book.
 Ella (seated, far left) at her basketball game.
 Not sure what's going on here, but someone took a picture of it.

 Matthew and Ella playing around.
Someone likes getting hold of my phone to shoot random pictures. I'm cleaning up dinner here.
 Ella loves the boots Grandma Miller got her for her birthday. She wears them all the time!
 Matthew at the snowy playground.
 Not sure who took this...
 When the elementary kids were off track, I signed up Ella and Mira for some French cooking classes. They did it along with several other kids in their immersion classes. The "I Love to Cook Academy" was such an inviting place. The owner, Victoria, was so welcoming and great with the kids. She spoke French about half the time, so it was good reinforcement for them. They loved what they got to cook! They brought home a few of their creations: Madeleines, mousse, etc.

 Miss Victoria and Ella, making banana frappes.

 Also while off track in February, we got month passes to Jump 'n Bounce. It was so well worth it. We (especially Matthew and I) went so many times. It was a great way to let them run around, sweat, and play while the weather raged outside.
 Peek-a-boo, Mira!
 Matthew, pretending to be a little seed, which I would "water" and he would "grow."
 With Caleb Anglin
 One Saturday morning, Chad was teaching the boys how to change a tire. Working on a merit badge!
 Mmmm, some of the delicious barbeque Chris bought for us when we were in Texas.
 Chris and his dog, Rita. (Actually, Chance is his favorite dog, and Rita is Gabby's.)
 Matthew's preschool class went on a field trip to Harmons to learn about shopping. His teachers are Miss Becca and Miss Melissa.
 One of our first trips to the playground this spring was to the West Jordan park, which has preschool-sized monkey bars. He was able to get across on his first attempt. Empowering for a 3 year-old!
One day a couple of weeks ago was free zoo day, and a big group of us went up together. We got to drive in Melissa Johnson's 15 passenger van. Matthew still likes to talk about how huge it is.

This part of our zoo trip had me going. Ella really had a hard time being this close to insects. Not so much the butterflies, but all the beetles, creepy-crawlies. I asked her to stand next to the glass so I could get a picture of her with them. She just couldn't do it. Somehow I got this while I was negotiating a picture with her. She looks to have a smile, but her eyes tell a different story.

Left to right: Micah, Matthew, Max Johnson, Ella holding baby Oliver Johnson, Mira, Perry Johnson (stroller), Adam, Sarah, Steven Starley, Zach and Simon Johnson.
Apparently, Matthew had something blue. He likes these pictures, and wanted me to include both of them in the blog.

At Jump 'N Bounce during off-track time. The kids had so much fun burning energy. Mira loves to ham it up!

One day, right around Micah and Caleb's birthdays, I took them over to Smiths for their birthday sundaes. They even had Bob, the manager, come over and play "Happy Birthday" on his trumpet. They were thoroughly embarrassed!

Ella had her braces taken off, and now she's got a retainer.
Matthew celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at Little Learners. He's got the hat and all!
I think I tried to take on of myself while bouncing at Jump 'N Bounce.
Love this blurry one.
Matthew has no fear climbing up this huge ladder to the top of the slide.
We took the family to a Jazz game, Matthew's first Jazz game. He made it until just after half time.
On our way back, Ella posed with the piggies. Micah has dubbed the pig on the left "Snotty."
One Saturday, Chad and Colin had plans to go to a Jazz game. Our Pass of All Passes included tickets to the University of Utah gymnastics event. We met Michael Finelli up there, took Trax to the Jon Huntsman Arena. I'd heard the gymnasts were amazing. Michael says they are currently ranked 5th in the nation. They were competing against Georgia, ranked 6th. It was a great match. The U won! All the kids really enjoyed the event.
Micah, Ella, Michael:


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