Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Skye Park

 Skye Park has a great new playground just a couple of miles from our house. With the weather turning nicer, it sure felt good to get out and play. Chad and Colin were gone all afternoon to an RSL game, Colin's tennis practice, and then a Jazz game. Whew!
Micah brought a basketball, and we shot and played Around the World. Partway through he looks up at me and said, "Mom, thanks for playing with me." Those simple caused me to remember how important it is to find little moments here and there to show my children, one on one, that they are important to me, and I care about the things they care about.
 Matthew is whispering to Micah, "I love you."
 Micah shooting.
 Matthew loves these spiderweb-type climbing systems. He'd climb quite high. Ella was over with him, and he'd get just about to the top, then tell Ella he couldn't get down. She'd run over, frantic, calling me to come rescue him. What he really wanted was reassurance that he could do it. More like talking him down. And as soon as he got down, he'd go right back up again.

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