Sunday, March 2, 2014

Trip to Houston

I'd never been to Texas before, and Chris has been living there for quite a few years, now. A trip was past due. I don't know why it took me so long to get there. I think I was hoping Chad and I could take the kids. But I'm so glad I finally went. I'd mentioned to Mom that I wouldn't mind taking a trip with her to see Chris and Gabby. A baby shower was planned for Gabby, so we decided to go for that.

 Chris treated us to dinner at a great barbeque place, Rudy's. It was delicious. There weren't even proper plates from which to eat. We had brisket, turkey, sausage, beans, cole slaw, and potato salad. Man oh man! I knew I wanted to have a good barbeque while in Texas.

 One of the days, Mom and I ended up going to the Fine Arts Museum in Houston. There are so many things to do around Houston, it was hard to decide. But this was a good pick. They had a special exhibit of Impressionist art, which is Mom's favorite. Might be mine, too. (No pictures were allowed in that section since they were on loan.) While there, though, we got to see all sorts of things. I had to snap some pics of these Greek gods. Micah and Ella are so into Percy Jackson, that I knew they'd appreciate some Poseidon and Atlas shots.

 Earlier in the year, Ella's 3rd grade class studied Native Americans, and she wanted a Kachina doll of her very own. I just couldn't find a way to make good on that. But while at the museum, there was a large Kachina doll, so I thought of her, naturally.

 Mom would have preferred a picture next to one of the paintings in the Impressionist room, but she also liked this one a lot.
 I saw this and thought of Mira and Matthew. Mira is a nurturer, and she takes such great care of Matthew.

 And I love so many of Mary Cassatt's paintings.

 One of the first displays we saw was of this, "Grupo Mondongo." It was large, a little bizarre, and amazing. From first glance, it is a skull. But upon closer inspection, you see all the intricacies. I loved it, actually. And I don't particularly love artwork of skulls.

 Pac Man:
You've got some Sponge Bob and other characters in here.
 R2-D2, Mary and Joseph, gaming controllers, Legos...

 Another day Mom and I walked along the River Walk. It was a beautiful day.
 Sunday we went to church to the ward in Chris' neighborhood. Then we drove to the Houston Temple. It looks to be a mini temple. The grounds were lovely, of course. We saw lots of things in bloom.

Chris took us on a walk around a nature preserve just a couple of miles from his home. There was a pond with a warning sign about alligators being in the area. That surprised me. I wanted to see an alligator...and I didn't want to see an alligator. Ha!

 The day before we were going to leave, we drove to Waller, where Ashley Durham (my Rentz cousin) is serving her Spanish-speaking mission. We took her and her companion out to lunch at a Mexican place. I know her mom (my cousin) Melissa was excited that we were going to see her.
 It would have been pretty cool, in my opinion, to have someone I knew come visit me as a missionary!
Here we are in front of Chris and Gabby's house. Aunt Shelley jokingly made a comment about how she never thought of Mom and me as shorties until now! Gabby is due in one month. She is starting to get to that really uncomfortable bit, it being the last month of her pregnancy. We had a very nice time, and I'm so so glad I went. Chris made a passing comment that we could send the boys sometime for a weekend to go to some sports games. That would be so cool, and I know they'd love it. I just wish it was easier to get to them. I don't know of any direct flights. Someday...?

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Marsha said...

What a great trip. That skull artwork...amazing! Did they have a magnifying glass near it so you could look at it properly? Very cool.