Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Eggs and Baskets

 While the children were off for spring break we colored Easter eggs. Because there were only five colors in which to dip eggs, they were vying for the chance to get their color of choice. Although difficult to wait turns, they had fun watching the eggs turn bright colors.
 I helped Matthew by writing his name or fun pictures on his eggs with a crayon before he dipped them. He loved to see what the end result was.
 Looking pretty serious there, Colin.
 Miss Ella
 I can't remember what this egg said, but Micah sure enjoyed writing ridiculous things on his eggs.
 Little Miss Mira

We love the pretty colors!
 Ella tried to make an egg that was a bizarre color, and then wanted me to take a picture so that it looks like she's actually eating it.

 On Saturday morning, I really pulled out my bag of tricks with this dandy. Bunny pancakes! Easy, and the children enjoyed them, of course.
 The hunt for the baskets was on. We had the children line up (oldest to youngest), and traipse around the house, in search of their baskets. When Colin found his, he moved to the back of the line with his basket so that Micah could lead them in the search for the next basket. It worked well.

 All the baskets were identical...jelly beans, peeps, chocolates, Cadbury egg, silly string. But Micah got an entirely different kind of basket. He decided to have his own "candy/sugar war." The deal originally was that he would go without treats for one full year. If he could accomplish that, we would pay him $100. After some more thought, he opted for the 6 months/$50 plan. That way, he says, he'll be off the hook for Halloween. What does he plan on doing with the $50? He thinks he's going to spend it all on candy! Lol.

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