Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Sunday

 Oh boy, when Michael comes over, the children are prepared for lots of fun! I think they may be prepping him with a little warm up of his back.
 We hosted Easter dinner. Ham, scalloped potatoes, veggie tray, deviled eggs, fruit kebabs, rolls, jello, and lemon cheesecake bars were on the menu.

 I was darn proud of this Jell-O. Not usually a huge Jell-O maker, I decided to go for the gold. Maren makes this every year for Easter. And it does look pretty.
 We were also celebrating Janna's birthday.

 Dig in folks!

 Michael's first Jell-O, I think he said.
 We got cozy around the table to enjoy our meal.

 After dinner was the Easter egg hunt. Since Micah would not be participating (due to his candy war), we let him be the one to hide the eggs. And there were a TON! He had a great time doing it.
 So fun to watch them scurry around, eager to find as many as possible. And even though we were sure they'd all been found, we found a handful still hidden over the next few days. Who doesn't love a surprise Hershey's Kiss?


 One of the whole group:
 Amber prepared some Minute to Win It games for us. They were so much fun! Passing Smarties from one spot to another with a straw, moving marshmallows with chopsticks, don't blow the Joker, keep 3 balloons up in the air at once... Not to brag, but I *am* the champion at the Smarties and marshmallow games. We were in stitches watching Grandma Barnett attempt to keep up three balloons. Sure, she held two of them in her arms, but hey, they weren't touching the ground!

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