Sunday, July 20, 2014

Colin's 13th Birthday

Colin is officially a teenager. Hard to believe we are parents of a teen. Five more years and he'll be graduated and going on a mission. This life sure flies by.

 He's been asking (and asking and asking) if he could get an iPod Touch. Apparently, we are a couple of the few parents who have not allowed their child at the ripe old age of 12 to have one. The 12 year-old has expressed much frustration over this. Even the day before his birthday, he questioned me, with much consternation, as to whether his dream might come true.
Chad took Colin, Micah, and Orion to Trafalga Fun Center for some birthday fun

 At breakfast on 9 May, he was greeted by muffins, bacon (someone loooves bacon!), fruit, and hot chocolate made on the stove (another request of his). Streamers donned the ceiling, confetti was on the table. He received his first rhyming clue to his birthday gift. And oh! what joy when he discovered that it was an iPod Touch. And he was spoiled by his grandparents! Grandma and Grandpa Barnett, and Aunt Amber took him out to the Black Bear Diner for lunch, and then shopping at his favorite store, Rue 21. He got the shoes, jeans, (and necklace) pictured above. A week later, Grandma and Grandpa Miller took him out to Texas Roadhouse, and he got a few shirts, again from Rue 21. This boys loves fashion.

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